British design cultivated with innovation and technology

Beautifully handcrafted cars with sleek British design

Norfolk based Trident has grown from entirely British roots and boasts a sports and racing heritage dating back over decades. We are now on the cusp of the much anticipated re-emergence of Trident Sports Cars, with the imminent launch of two brand new and entirely unique British built GT sports cars.

Individual Design

Fresh contemporary sports styling complements the practical requirements of a true Grand Tourer, with a hint of nostalgia, naturally.

Thrilling Performance

The 6.6 litre V8 engine promises class leading acceleration and an exhilarating, smooth cruising speed with ease and comfort in equal measure.

Green Credentials

Unique and innovative technology delivers unrivalled torque, resulting in low emissions, allowing you to travel over 1,500 miles, on a single tank of fuel.

British Thoroughbreds

British through-and-through! ‘Torque Multiplication’ is a British innovation allowing superb performance to co-exist with outstanding fuel consumption.

Bespoke Sports Interiors

Each car is hand built to an individual choice of colour and available options. And, each car will feature the interior design preferences of her new owner! Aesthetic sports seats, steering wheel and door panels will be upholstered in the chosen colour leather, with detailed stitching to reflect personal preferences for coordinating or contrasting. Matching dashboard, centre console and dials complete each entirely unique driving environment.

Pure agility, athleticism and performance

Your Trident model has been thoroughly track tested to establish its authentic sports performance credentials. But where she is most comfortable is in the home environment for a true Grand Tourer… the open road. Whether you opt for a Trident Iceni or a Trident Magna, you will experience pure driving pleasure, as she eats the miles with ease.

Trident Iceni
V8 Turbo Diesel Engine
Trident Iceni
Trident Magna
Performance Upgrade Delivers 1050 lbs/ft of Torque
Trident Magna
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