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Welcome to our new revamped website.

We will be updating this new site regularly, with latest news, and what we have been up to over the past twelve months. We will give more information through articles and images, to paint a picture of the progress we have made, aswell as any new developments.

The second of our three car Iceni range is now shown in the gallery and is called the Trident Iceni Magna.

The first Iceni, the Convertible has only been shown as the base model with three engine upgrades, the Magna is our fastback model showing our first phase of body options ( front and rear wing vents, side exhausts and twin venturi's through the bonnet ). The twin venturi's are only available with our under development compound twin turbo engine option.

The second phase body options will be shown on the launch of our third model in the Iceni range planned for the new year.


All models start at the same £96K