Introducing the Trident Magna

The Trident Iceni Magna is the second model in the range of the Iceni’s.

This fastback Magna version is shown with the optional front and rear wing scoops, double diffuser, Alcon carbon / ceramic brake kit and twin side exit exhaust system.

All these options are available on ALL models of the Iceni Sports Car. Figures of 430 bhp with 950 lbs/ft of torque and 660 bhp with 1050 lbs/ft are attained with performance package upgrades.

Miles Per Gallon
In excess of 50 mpg at 70 mph
Top Speed
In excess of 190 mph
Acceleration (0-60 mph)
3.7 seconds (std), 3.3 seconds (ph1), 2.9 seconds (ph2)
Fuel Range
In excess of 1,500 miles
Cruising Engine Revs
980rpm at 70 mph
Mineral diesel, Biodiesel (RME/UCO), Palm Oil, Linseed oil
Folded 4003 grade stainless steel – lifetime guarantee
Unstressed composite
Luggage Capacity
Four suitcases, four soft holdalls plus a suit carrier or two sets of golf clubs
Flat four twin venturis with optional underwings
Front and rear crush zones, driver and passenger airbags
Annually or every 100,000 miles

Fancy driving a Trident Magna?

To arrange a test drive please contact our customer experience team by clicking on the link below.