Trident Sports Cars are looking at a new model which sits alongside the Iceni and Magna. This version is an estate based on the Magna which we are calling the Tourer. It features an extended roof line which flows back into an upward hinging rear window, which gives the car extra load space.

It is based on an earlier styling prototype which we built to evaluate the idea. Pictures of this are shown below.

We plan to use our new twin turbo V6 power plant in the car. The engine is currently being tested and will also be offered in the Iceni and Magna models. The engine will be offered in various states of tune from around 450hp to 700+bhp. It is also much lighter than the current 6.6 litre diesel motor so should improve the already great handling characteristics.

As you can see from the design sketches we are also updating features of the original cars styling which will be adopted across the range.

Major changes include a restyled front with a new larger grill and side vents, new HID LED headlights, a restyled rear with new taillights and a new rear diffuser. There are also lots of detail changes to the interior to improve functionality and introduces the latest technology and driver aids. The sketches also show a unique new wheel design which will be available across the range.

We do not have a planned launch date for the Tourer as yet as this is a concept at this stage and all of our cars are bespoke built to order. Production depends entirely on customer demand. If we receive enough interest from the public we will build a prototype / demonstrator and then subject to the order book start production of this exciting new model in 2022.

If you are interested in the Tourer or any of our other models please reach out to us on our contact us page.