Laravel Installation – how to laravel latest version

Laravel Installation – how to laravel latest version

In this post we will show you how to Laravel Installation with latest version. we will show you how to Laravel Installation with every stemp for laravel latest version.

For managing dependencies, Laravel uses composer. certify you’ve got a musician put in on your system before you put in Laravel.

Step one − Visit the subsequent URL and download composer to install in it on system of your.

Step two − when the musician is put in, check the installation by typewriting the musician command within the electronic communication as shown within the following screenshot.

Laravel Installation composer

Step three − produce a brand new directory anyplace in your system for your new Laravel project. After that, move to path wherever you’ve got created the new directory and kind the subsequent command there to put in Laravel.

composer create-project laravel/laravel –-prefer-dist

add your porject name in th place of –-prefer-dist ecample you you’ve got cret project with name onlinecode then use this following command there to put in Laravel

composer create-project laravel/laravel onlinecode

Step four − The higher than command can install Laravel within the current directory. begin the Laravel service by execution the subsequent command.

php craftsman serve
Step five − when execution the higher than command, you may see a screen as shown below −

Laravel Installation administrator

Step six − Copy the URL underlined in grey within the higher than screenshot and open that URL within the browser. If you see the subsequent screen, it implies Laravel has been put in with success.

Laravel Installation home page
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